Oklahoma State University

Preparing Biologists for Research


Research Projects


The URM program provides unique research experiences to URM fellows. Research experiences will start during the summer session with a tour of potential faculty mentor labs, lab facilities, and research sites. URM fellows will then work with the program directors to select research laboratories for lab rotations, during which students will spend several weeks working on different research projects with different faculty mentors. The lab rotations will allow students to experience different laboratory settings and identify what type of research project they would like to develop. At the end of their lab rotations, URM fellows will work with the program directors to select their faculty mentors for the fall semester.


URM fellows will enroll in 1 credit of Undergraduate Research (ZOOL 4700) each semester and conduct year-round research with their faculty mentor. Research opportunities are extremely diverse and encompass all major animal groups, including invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, as well as plant-animal interactions.  Research ranges from the cellular level to the ecosystem and/or landscape level.  Please refer to the faculty mentors page for more information about research opportunities.